A Provider is a shipping provider used for shipping your packages. Depending on your shipping needs will determine which service you'd like to use, and currently Postie supports the following providers:

Is your provider not in the list above? Contact us, and we'd love to add your provider to Postie.

Each provider has the following settings available to configure.

API Settings#

Every provider will require different API settings, so this section will change depending on the individual provider. See each Shipping Provider for more details.


You can set up a markup for every provider, which is useful to cover packing costs or other incidental costs. You can select this value to be either a Percentage or Value.

Choose Percentage if you want to add a markup based of the total order price. Add a markup rate between 1 and 100 to calculate a percentage.

Choose Value if you want to add just a pure value at top of the total order price. For example, "5" for $5 dollars.

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