Follow these steps to configure Instagram for Social Feeds.

Your Facebook/Instagram App does not require review and approval by Facebook/Instagram to use Social Feeds.

In order to fetch from Instagram, you must ensure the following:

  • Your Instagram account is set to "Business" and not "Creator".
  • Your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook page.

Connecting to Instagram#

Step 1: Register a Facebook App#

  1. Go to the Meta for Developers page.
  2. Click the Create App button.
  3. Select None as the App Type, and fill in the rest of the details to create the app.
  4. Once created, in the left-hand sidebar, click the Add Product button.
  5. Under Instagram Basic Display click the Set Up button.
  6. Click the Create New App button.
  7. Enter the name of your new Facebook app, and click the Click Create App button.
  8. For the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs setting, enter the value from the Redirect URI field in Social Feeds.
  9. For the Deauthorize Callback URL and Data Deletion Request Callback URL settings, enter your website URL.
  10. Navigate to App RolesRoles in the left-hand sidebar.
  11. Under the Instagram Testers section, click the Add Instagram Testers button.
  12. Provide your Instagram source’s username(s).
  13. Click the Submit button to send the invitation.
    • Go to Instagram and login to the source you just invited.
    • Navigate to (Profile Icon)Edit ProfileApps and Websites.
    • Under the Tester Invites tab, accept the invitation.
  14. Navigate to *SettingsBasic.
  15. Copy the App ID from Facebook and paste in the Client ID field in Social Feeds.
  16. Copy the App Secret from Facebook and paste in the Client Secret field in Social Feeds.

Step 2: Connect to Instagram#

  1. In the Social Feeds feed settings, click the Connect button and login to Instagram/Facebook.

Step 3: Select your Instagram Business Account#

  1. Select the Instagram Business Account that is linked to your Facebook page, to pull content from.
  2. Click the Save button for the account.

Available Content#

Instagram provides the following types of content as posts.

  • Profile Posts (Posts from your Instagram profile)
  • Hashtags (Posts containing hashtags)
  • Tagged Posts (Posts you have been tagged in)

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