Rendering Posts#

There are two main methods of rendering Post objects, manual or automatic.

Getting Posts#

You'll need to either fetch posts from a Feed or a Source.

{# Get the source by its handle #}
{% set source = craft.socialFeeds.getSoureByHandle('mySourceHandle') %}
{% set posts = source.getPosts() %}

{% for post in posts %}
    ID: {{ }}<br>
    Content: {{ post.getContent() }}
{% endfor %}

{# OR get the Posts from a Feed (multiple Sources) #}
{% set posts = craft.socialFeeds.getPosts('myFeedHandle') %}

{% for post in posts %}
    ID: {{ }}<br>
    Content: {{ post.getContent() }}
{% endfor %}

It'll be up to you on how to render your Posts!

Rendering Posts#

Another approach is to let Social Feeds handle the rendering of your Posts for you. This can only be done for a Feed.

{{ craft.socialFeeds.renderPosts('myFeedHandle') }}

This will render your Posts as cards, with all the CSS applied without having to lift a finger.

Render Options#

You can also pass in some additional options to render.

{% set options = {
    layout: 'masonry',
    limit: 20,
    offset: 10,
} %}

{{ craft.socialFeeds.renderPosts('myFeedHandle', options) }}

Here, we're setting the layout to use a masonry (opens new window) style layout and using limit and offset to paginate results.

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