Follow these steps to configure Instagram for Social Poster.

Your Facebook/Instagram App does not require review and approval by Facebook/Instagram to use Social Poster.

In order to post to Instagram, you must ensure the following:

  • Your Instagram account is set to "Business" and not "Creator".
  • Your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook page.
  • You configure the Image Field for Post setting for an account.
  • Posts have an asset in the nominated image field. This asset must have a public URL, and cannot be a locally served-asset in order for Instagram to retrieve it.

Step 1. Create an Instagram Business Account#

If you already have a personal account on Instagram, you can easily convert it to a business account. An Instagram Business account is required to post.

How to Set Up a Business Account on Instagram (opens new window)

Step 2: Connect a Facebook Page to your Instagram Business Account#

Despite not posting to your Facebook page, you must link your Instagram Business Account with a Facebook page.

How to Connect a Facebook Page to Your Instagram Business Account (opens new window)

Step 3: Register a Facebook App#

  1. Go to the Meta for Developers page.
  2. Click the Create App button.
  3. Select None as the App Type, and fill in the rest of the details to create the app.
  4. Once created, in the left-hand sidebar, click the Add Product button.
  5. Under Facebook Login click the Set Up button.
  6. Select Web as the type and your website address into Site URL, and click the Save button.
  7. Navigate to the Facebook Login section in the left-hand siderbar, click Settings.
  8. For the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs setting, enter the value from the Redirect URI field in Social Poster.
  9. Click the Save Changes button.
  10. In the left-hand sidebar, click the Add Product button.
  11. Under Instagram Graph API click the Set Up button.
  12. Navigate to SettingsBasic item in the left-hand sidebar.
  13. Enter your domain name to the App Domains field.
  14. Click the Save Changes button.
  15. Copy the App ID from Facebook and paste in the Client ID field in Social Poster.
  16. Copy the App Secret from Facebook and paste in the Client Secret field in Social Poster.
  17. Save the Social Poster account, ready to connect.

Step 4: Connect to Instagram#

  1. In the Social Poster account settings, click the Connect button and login to Instagram.

Step 5: Select your Facebook Page#

  1. Select the Facebook Page that has access to your Instagram Business Account.
  2. Click the Save button for the account.

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