Follow these steps to configure for Social Poster.

Step 1: Register a App#

  1. Go to Developer Apps and login to your account.
  2. Click the Create App button and complete all the required fields.
  3. Navigate to the Products section.
  4. Click the Select button for the Sign In with LinkedIn product.
  5. Navigate to the Auth section.
  6. Click the edit icon for the Authorized Redirect URLs field.
  7. Enter the value from the Redirect URI field in Social Poster.
  8. Copy the Client ID from {name} and paste in the Client ID field in Social Poster.
  9. Copy the Client Secret from {name} and paste in the Client Secret field in Social Poster.

Company Pages#

In order to post to company pages, there are a few requirements:

  1. Ensure your app is correctly linked and verified to the company page in your app Settings tab.
  2. The account used to authorise with Social Poster must be an admin of the company.
  3. Have Marketing Developer Platform (opens new window) permissions (see below).

Marketing Developer Platform#

To gain permissions for posting to company pages, you must sign up for the Marketing Developer Platform (opens new window).

Go to the Products tab in your app and click Add more products. Check the Marketing Developer Platform checkbox and follow the prompts to fill out your application. Please note that the approval process can take up to 20-25 days. Please be aware that LinkedIn will not approve every application submitted.

Once approved, verify you have the correct permissions via the Auth tab. Ensure you have w_organization_social and r_organization_social permissions. You should now be able to post to company pages.

If you try to post to a company page without these permissions, you'll likely receive a permission error.

Posting to both Company and Personal pages#

If you want to be able to post to both company and personal pages, you'll need to include the following scopes in your request to authenticate with the app. Be sure to also follow the above steps to ensure your app has the correct permissions.

If you haven't already done so, create a social-poster.php file in your /config directory. See the config docs for more information.

Use the following for

'linkedin' => [
    'clientId' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxx',
    'clientSecret' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxx',

    'scope' => [

Including these scopes tells to authorise Social Poster to use these scopes. This is done automatically if you want to post to just the company page, but not if you want to use both. This should allow you to authorise against both possibilities.

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