You can register additional social media providers to post to by registering your class. Then, you'll need to create your provider class to implement the ProviderInterface.

The registerProviderTypes event#

use verbb\socialposter\events\RegisterProviderTypesEvent;
use verbb\socialposter\services\Providers;
use yii\base\Event;

Event::on(Providers::class, Providers::EVENT_REGISTER_PROVIDER_TYPES, function(RegisterProviderTypesEvent $e) {
    $e->providerTypes[] = MyProvider::class;

Provider Class#

Create a new class for your provider. You'll want to pick an existing OAuth 1/2 compatible implementation from League (opens new window).

namespace myplugin\providers;

use verbb\socialposter\SocialPoster;
use verbb\socialposter\base\Provider;
use verbb\socialposter\helpers\SocialPosterHelper;
use verbb\socialposter\models\Account;

use Craft;
use craft\helpers\Json;

use League\OAuth2\Client\Provider\Provider as OauthProvider;

class MyProvider extends Provider
    public function getName()
        return 'Provider';

    public function getOauthProvider()
        $config = $this->getOauthProviderConfig();

        return new OauthProvider($config['options']);

    public function sendPost($account, $content)
        try {
            $token = $account->getToken();
            $client = $this->getClient($token);

            // Construct your POST request according to the API
            $response = $client->post('api/endpoint', [
                'form_params' => [
                    'message' => $content['message'],

            return $this->getPostResponse($response);
        } catch (\Throwable $e) {
            return $this->getPostExceptionResponse($e);

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