Follow these steps to configure Twitter for social poster:

OAuth Configuration#

Step 1. Navigate to the Twitter Provider#

  1. Navigate to Social PosterProvidersTwitter in your Craft install.

Step 2. Connect to the Twitter API#

  1. Go to Twitter Developer Portal and login to your account.
  2. If you need to apply for a developer account, do so. Fill out the details as they apply to your organisation.
  3. In the left-hand menu, click Projects & Apps.
  4. Under the Standalone Apps heading click the + Create App button.
  5. Provide your App Name and click Next.
  6. Copy the API Key from Twitter and paste in the Client ID field below.
  7. Copy the API Key Secret from Twitter and paste in the Client Secret field below.
  8. Click on the App Settings button.
  9. Under the App Permissions heading click the Edit button.
  10. Select Read and Write and click Save.
  11. Under the Authentication Settings heading click the Edit button.
  12. Enable Enable 3-legged OAuth and Request email address from users.
  13. In the Callback URLs field, enter the value from the Redirect URI field in Social Poster.
  14. Fill out the rest of the form's URLs as required and click Save.


Error - Incorrect Redirect URL#

If your redirect URL in your Twitter app looks similar to the following:


Twitter will raise an issue that this authorised redirect URI doesn't exactly match the one in Craft. This is due to the encoded characters by having the action path in a query string.

To fix, set usePathInfo (opens new window) to true in your general.php file, which will change the redirect URL in your provider settings, and use this to update your Twitter app.

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