Whenever you're dealing with a node in your template, you're actually working with a Node object.

Attributes #

Attribute Description
id ID for the node.
elementId The linked element ID (if not custom).
element The linked element (if not custom).
navId The ID for the nav this node belongs to.
url URL for this node. Either the linked element or custom.
title Title for this node. Either the linked element or custom.
link Full HTML link (combined url and title).
type The element type. If custom, will be null.
classes Any additional CSS classes added to the node.
target Returns either _blank or an empty string, should this node open in a new window.
newWindow Whether this node should open in a new window.
active Whether the URL matches the current URL.
hasActiveChild Whether the node has an active child.
nav The navigation model this node belongs to.
status The current status of the node.
children A collection of child nodes (if any).

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