Whenever you're dealing with an event in your template, you're actually working with a Event object.


idID of the event.
titleThe events name/title.
urlThe URL to this single event.
typeThe event's event type.
typeIdThe event's event type id.
statuslive, pending or expired based on startDate, endDate, postDate and expiryDate dates.
enabledtrue or false.
isAvailableWhether this event is available for purchase. This will only be false if there are no tickets available for sale, therefore the event is completely sold out.
allDayEither true or false if the event is an all day event and no specific start and end time is set.
capacityThe total capacity of tickets available for this event.
startDateThe events start date
endDateThe events end date
postDateThe date this event is available for sale.
expiryDateThe date this event will no longer be available for sale.


getCpEditUrl()The url to edit this event in the control panel.
getTickets()A list of event's Ticket's
getAvailableTickets()A list of event's available Ticket's for sale. These take into account the 'Available To/From' fields for each ticket, along with ticket capacity and sales.
getIcsUrl()Returns a URL to the ICS for a single event.

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