Available Variables

The following are common methods you will want to call in your front end templates:

craft.events.events() #

See Event Queries

craft.events.tickets() #

See Ticket Queries

craft.events.purchasedTickets() #

Returns all purchased tickets based on the provided criteria. See Purchased Ticket

craft.events.isTicket(lineItem) #

Returns whether a provided Line Item object is a ticket or not.

craft.events.getPdfUrl(lineItem) #

Returns a URL to the PDF for this ticket for the provided Line Item object. This will only show tickets for this line item.

craft.events.getOrderPdfUrl(order) #

Returns a URL to the PDF for all tickets for the provided Order object. This will show tickets for the entire order.

craft.events.getEventTypes() #

Returns all Event Types available.

craft.events.getEditableEventTypes() #

Returns all Event Types the current user has permission to.

craft.events.getTicketTypes() #

Returns all Ticket Types available.

craft.events.getEditableTicketTypes() #

Returns all Ticket Types the current user has permission to.

Get started with Events

Available for Craft 2 & Craft 3.