Shippy provides the following feature support for UPS.

  • Rates
  • Tracking
  • Labels

API Credentials#

To use UPS, you'll need to connect to their API.

  1. Go to UPS and login to your account.
  2. From the Apps section, follow the prompts to create a new app.
  3. Copy the Client ID from UPS as the username with the Shippy carrier.
  4. Copy the Client Secret from UPS as the apiKey with the Shippy carrier.

To create labels, you'll be required to supply a few more details.

use verbb\shippy\carriers\UPS;

new UPS([
    'isProduction' => false,
    'clientId' => '••••••••••••••••',
    'clientSecret' => '••••••••••••••••',

    // Required for labels
    'accountNumber' => '••••••••••••••••',