A Tracking model represents a singular tracking update from a carrier on a shipment.


Properties are protected and can be accessed with their getPropertyName() getter method or set via setPropertyName(value) setter method.

carrierCarrierInterfaceThe carrier associated with the tracking.
trackingNumber?stringThe tracking number for the shipment.
status?stringThe carrier status for tracking.
statusDetail?stringThe carrier status in detail for tracking.
estimatedDelivery?DateTimeThe estimated delivery date for the shipment.
signedBy?stringWho the parcel was signed by upon delivery (carrier support).
weight?stringThe weight of the shipment (carrier support).
weightUnit?stringThe weight unit of the shipment (carrier support).
detailsarrayA collection of Tracking Detail models.
errorsarrayA collection of any errors encountered for tracking.
responsearrayThe raw response from the carrier API for the rate response.