PDF Templates#

For any email notification, you can also attach a PDF file, rendered to your needs. You can manage multiple PDF templates, much like Email Templates.

Let's take an example template:

<h1>Thanks for your email enquiry. The below email was sent from {{ siteName }}.</h1>

{{ contentHtml }}

Here, we've created a new template - let's name this file index.html, and place this in the following path templates/_pdf/index.html.

Then, navigate to FormieSettingsPDF Templates and select New Template. Give it an appropriate name, and enter _pdf in the HTML Template field. This is because we want to set the templates to a folder that contains all pdf-related templates.

Let's go ahead and edit an Email Notification for a form. If you haven't added one yet, go ahead and create a new one. Under the Template tab, enable the Attach PDF Template setting and select our desired PDF Template in the PDF Template setting.

A PDF will be rendered according to the Twig template you've provided, and attach to the email notification when it's being sent.

Available Template Variables#

Your templates have access to the following variables:

notificationA Notification object, for current email notification.
submissionA Submission object, for what the email is notifying about.
formA Form object, for what the email is notifying about.
contentHtmlThe HTML generated from the Email Content field for the email notification.

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