User Guides#

Take a deep-dive into everything Formie can do! These guides are hyper-focused on guiding you through best-practices, walking you through how to achieve certain functionality, or any topics too lengthly to be covered in documentation alone.

Email Notifications

Attaching extra assets to Email Notifications
Here's a handy guide to walk you through how to attach assets to the email that Formie sends
Create Email Notifications just using Twig
Did you know you can create notifications on-demand, just using Twig?
How to keep Email Notifications out of your junk emails
Isn't spam email a pain? Here's some of our tips to keep email notifications out of your junk folder.
Building an Email Notification template from scratch
Creating custom and stylish email notifications are a breeze — when you know how! This guide will walk through the steps to create good-looking email notification templates.


Building a Webhook integration from scratch
Create your own custom Webhook integrations with Formie, for sending form content to third-party platforms.
Building an Email Marketing integration from scratch
Create your own custom Email Marketing integrations with Formie, for sending form content to third-party marketing platforms.
Using Guzzle clients from Formie integrations in your own code
Thanks to Formie's integrations being powered by Guzzle, you can make use of the Guzzle client Formie exposes for your own needs on your site.
Creating OAuth integrations with Formie
OAuth can be a pain. Fortunately you can make use of Formie's framework to handle the intricacies of fetching and refreshing tokens. You don't even have to use Formie forms!
Building a CRM integration from scratch
Create your own custom CRM integrations with Formie, for sending form content to third-party platforms.


Custom templating for Repeater fields
Let's dive into how a Repeater field works, and build some custom templating to show just what you can do.
How to manually set the page for a form
Want to send your users straight to a particular page on a multi-page form?
Create a content-managed user registration form with Formie
Did you know you can use Formie to content manage other forms in Craft, like user registration and profile-editing?
Add floating labels to your form fields
Floating labels are a slick UI pattern that places the field's label within inputs, and animates when focused. See how we can wrangle Formie to use this without touching templates!
Create a gated download page for your form
Create forms that act as a "gate" to assets, resources or external links.
How to conditionally-redirect users based on their input
While Formie doesn't support conditional redirects (we're working on it!), there's a few ways you can achieve redirecting your users based on conditional logic.
Build a success page for your form
What better way to let your users know their form submission was a success than with a success page!
The complete guide to rendering submission content
So, you want to show the content of a submission hey? This guide covers all the different ways to output content, along with some fundamentals on field layouts.


Creating your own custom field from scratch
Despite Formie's 30+ fields, there's always room for more! This guide will take you from start to finish creating your own custom field.
How to modify Element field's queries to change what elements can be chosen
Entries, Categories, Products, Users (i.e. Element) fields all provide a list of elements for the user to select from on the front-end. Walk through how we can modify which elements are shown with advanced querying.
Write your own parsing logic for the Calculations field
The Calculations field is a powerful field type, allowing you to take other fields' content and combine them in a number of different ways. But, you can also provide your own logic for how to handle values!