Console Commands

Formie comes with a number of command line utilities that can be run on-demand, or on a set schedule.

Delete Orphaned Fields

A cleanup tasks to ensure fields aren't orphaned. Not normally required.

./craft formie/gc/delete-orphaned-fields

Prune Syncs

A cleanup task to ensure Synced Fields are neat. Not normally required.

./craft formie/gc/prune-syncs

Prune Incomplete Submissions

Deletes any incomplete submissions that exceed the "Maximum Incomplete Submission Age" plugin setting.

./craft formie/gc/prune-incomplete-submissions

Prune Data Retention Submissions

Deletes any submissions that exceed your data retention form settings.

./craft formie/gc/prune-data-retention-submissions

Prune Content Tables

A cleanup task to ensure deleted forms have their content tables also deleted. Not normally required.

./craft formie/gc/prune-content-tables

Each of the above commands are also run automatically through Craft's Garbage Collection (opens new window), so there's no need to add these commands unless you want fine-grained control over when they run.

Delete Submissions

You can bulk delete submissions with this command.

--form-handleThe form handle(s) to delete submissions from. Can be set to multiple comma-separated handles.
--form-idThe form ID(s) to delete submissions from. Can be set to multiple comma-separated IDs.
--incomplete-onlyWhether to delete only incomplete submissions.
--spam-onlyWhether to delete only spam submissions.
./craft formie/submissions/delete --form-handle=form1,anotherForm

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