Page #

A page represents a collection of fields, grouped by rows. For single-page forms, there will always be a single page. Whenever you're dealing with a page in your template, you're actually working with a Page object.

Attributes #

idID of the page.
nameThe name of the page.
sortOrderThe order of the page.
settingsSettings for the page.

Methods #

getRows()Returns an array of Row objects for this page.
getFields()Returns an array of Field objects for this page.

Page Setttings #

Attributes #

submitButtonLabelThe label for the submit button.
backButtonLabelThe label for the back button, for multi-page forms.
showBackButtonWhether to show the back button, for multi-page forms.
buttonsPositionHow to position the submit button(s). Valid values are left, right, center, left-right.

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